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Artist, Choreographer, Performer, Researcher.

Marie-Gabrielle Rotie

Forest for Little Man: Homage to Tarkovsky.


Concept and Direction: Marie-Gabrielle Rotie

Original Sound: Nick Parkin

Costume Design: Florence Meredith

Lighting Design: Rotie with Genevive Giron

Performed by up to 15 dancers.


Research Statement:


Tarkovksy’s last film, The Sacrifice (1986) is the inspiration for this minimal work, which in its structure, reflects upon the durational nature of his film language, and the amplification of nature, as well as the backdrop of nuclear threat which underpins the films narrative. 


Research and Performance outputs:


1) Premiered at Trinity Laban London July 2nd and 3rd 2015  Vimeo Link:


2) London Battersea Power Station, for 'Art Night'  produced by the South Bank Centre and the Hayward Gallery (2018)

Gallery images Link:


3) Palermo for Teatro Piccolo - site specific version in a disused psychiatric hospital (2016)

Gallery Images Link:


4) PRF 2016, Goldsmiths University of London (Lecture and Performance excerpt)

Link:  https://vimeopro.com/user29558514/prf-25/video/193735130


The research behind the work is  developed, evidenced and elucidated by lectures, workshops and labs:


1) PRF 2015: Question of Time: On Japanese Aesthetics and the power of doing less, PRF Dis-play 24, 14th October,George Wood Theatre, Goldsmiths, University of London. (link)  




2) PRF 2016: Into the Emptiness: The Art of Walking, lecture and demonstration for PRF, November 23rd 6.15pm George Wood Theatre, Goldsmiths,      University of London. https://vimeopro.com/user29558514/prf-25/video/193735130


3) Dance Theatre Dialogues 1: with Sabine Sorgel, University of Surrey, Ivy Arts Centre, 7th October 2016


The first in a series of dance theatre dialogues to interrogate the long standing relationship between dance and theatre. In her new book, Dance and the Body in Western Theatre 1948 to the Present, Sabine Sorgel poses the question what we might learn by considering the moving body as our source of knowledge and subjectivity at the heart of twentieth century theatre performances following the devastation of the twentieth century's two world wars and global political change thereafter. Marie-Gabrielle Rotie is a dancer and choreographer; her interdisciplinary aesthetics focus on the body in relation to identity, desire and death. She discusses her research on Butoh and the potent mix of post-war tensions and spiritual angst in the work of Tarkovsky, informing her work Forest for Little Man: Homage to Tarkovsky (2015)


4) Butoh and the Art of Slow: ‘Slow Cooker Series 6’ workshop in City Moves, Aberdeen, produced and curated by sonADA, with Imogen Newland.




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Critical Review :


Fenella Kennedy, July 3rd 2015








''for me the stand-out work of the evening [...] The work shifts geologically, and you are in constant dance of losing yourself in one moment while others evolve unseen around you.


The first sweep of the dancers to a tremulous forest is breathtaking; the slow fade upstage will break your heart.


The final tableau shivers and strives without coming to rest, but finally providing the ending I’ve been looking for all night… and as the curtain comes down I remember to breathe again.''


(Fenella Kennedy, 'Headtailconnection.word press.com'.

online review,  2015)