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Artist, Choreographer, Performer, Researcher.

Marie-Gabrielle Rotie


Parys Mountain is a collaboration between Composer, Filmmaker, Photographer and Artistic director Nick Parkin and Choreographer, Artist, Performer, Co-Artistic Director Marie-Gabrielle Rotie.


Parys Mountain 2011 -2020 is a research and development project funded by Arts Council of Wales and is in a constant state of research, spanning 1996 to currently 2018. It is never our intention to 'finish' this work, but to engage in the sites constant states of transformation and erosion, which spans well beyond our respective  lifetimes.


Parys Mountain  embraces sound, photographs, film and site based work. The work explores entropy, post-industrial wastelands and dystopia. We are working closely with the unqiue history, geology and archaelogy of this site.  We are currently developing a fusing of sound, image and film to create an 'expanded cinema' installation.


Research Outputs


Parys Mountain Research currently comprises:


a DVD compilation of various edited films,

a CD of sound scores and compositions,

a body of photographic documentation and a PDF promotional publication.

performances on film

The research was presented at Goldsmiths University of London November 2012 as a research presentation (PRF forum George Wood Theatre.)


All images copyright Nick Parkin and Marie-Gabrielle Rotie 2011 to 2018  All rights reserved.

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Download Information pack here.

Link to folder with Parys Mountain Research Films